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Childcare in KogarahDaisy Family Day Care is now active in South Sydney for those looking for childcare in Kogarah. Kogarah is a great, historical city and it gives Daisy Family Day Care great pride to be operating an office offering childcare in Kogarah. Our business address is 44 Rocky Point Road, Kogarah.

Family Day Care is a great opportunity for you to enrol your children in childcare in Kogarah. Our educators are trained and professional and provide the latest methods for teaching children. They follow the latest teaching procedures and materials as provided by peak Government bodies, such as the Department of Education and ACECQA.

For those looking to work, Daisy Family Day Care Kogarah gives you the chance to run your own business as a family day care educator. This means you will be working from home looking after children. You can set your own rates between $6 and $10 per hour. Educators can also look after upto 7 children at a time. Children can also be aged upto to 16 years of age and be enrolled in before and after school care. Also the Government helps with the costs of childcare via Centrelink (Department of Human Services) and these funds go directly to the educator. This means parents have to pay less for their chidcare fees. All added up, Daisy Family Day Care Kogarah gives educators the opportunity to earn great income from home, setting up their houses so they are suitable for the care and education of children.

It is a great time to become an educator with the Australian Government investing huge amounts of money to tackle Australia’s childcare shortages. Educators also can make quite satisfactory amounts of money, as they can charge what they like and work the hours that suits them the most. Also importantly, educators are trained in up-to-date methods to teach and educate children so they can grow to excel in their future careers. If you are looking for childcare in Kogarah or would like to become an educator Contact us today to begin your rewarding career as an Educator!