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whatIsFDCFamily Day Care is a Government-approved form of child care that is provided in the family day care educator’s own home. Family day care educators are early childhood education and care professionals, registered with a family day care service that is responsible for approving, supporting, training and advising its educators.

How is it similar to centre based child care?

• Family day care provides early childhood education and care services for children across Australia.
• Family day care operates under the same National Quality Framework (NQF) as other forms of childcare; incorporating national regulations, quality and qualification standards, educational frameworks and an assessment and ratings process.
• Parents are eligible to the same Federal Government Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate subsidies.
How is it different to other forms of child care?
• Your child’s education and care is provided by an individual educator who is an approved, early childhood education and care professional, operating within their own home.
• Educators work with small groups of no more than four children under school age.*
• Educators work in partnership with a local approved service that provides regular visits to monitor the children’s progress and to provide support.
* An educator may care for 3 additional school age children, outside of school hours. Totaling a maximum of 7 children at any one time.

What are the benefits of family day care?

• The home based setting provides a familiar, safe and secure learning environment.
• Current research confirms the importance of strong relationships with significant adults to a child’s early learning; family day care’s small group environment facilitates strong bonds and promotes effective early learning and social development.
• Family day care can offer care during standard hours, evenings, before/after school, during school holidays and in some cases overnight and weekends.
• Family day care can provide education and care for children from babies to school age; offering the possibility for siblings to be cared for together, all in one location.
• Family day care provides experiences which reflect the diversity of your community.
Did you know that across Australia:
• Family day care has operated for over 35 years.
• Over 98,000* families use family day care.
• Over 165,000* children are enrolled in family day care.
• There are over 25,000** family day care educators.